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Kotaku's own video game sleuth and my personal fashion mentor, Brian Crecente, did a little investigative work to find out if Nintendo is repairing the broken hinges of Nintendo DS Lites. If you recall yesterday another Kotaku poll showed that 14 percent of readers' DS Lite hinges were broken. So this is obviously quite a problem, even though Nintendo is reporting that only 0.02 percent of DS Lites would be experiencing the defect.

Crecente discovered that Nintendo doesn't warranty physical damage, but they will take a look at this specific case. Basically they ship you out a UPS label, you ship it to them. They check to see if the damage was misuse and repair if it was determined to not be from misuse. So if it is busted, they will likely fix it. If they don't, let's revolt! We are in need of a good revolt, it's been a while.

Nintendo Capitulates, Offers Free Repairs for Cracked DS Lites [Kotaku]