This is one wild-looking PC case from Scythe Corp. in Japan, the XCLIO A380 ATX with an LED-lit 10-inch fan up front that looks like a jet engine. Don't be scared away by that fan's imposing size, though—at its lowest speed the thing and its side-mounted twin put out just under 28dBA of sound. Crank them up to 1000rpm and you can overclock to your heart's content, especially with the more-efficient and cooler-running Intel Core processors.

There's plenty of room inside for drives and such, with a standard complement of drive bays, with five 5-inch bays and a 3.5" bay, along with seven 3.5" shadow bays. Of course, there are external connections for a couple of USB 2.0 ports as well as a FireWire port, too. Shipping next week in Japan for $130, we're hoping this radical-looking case might find its way across the big pond sometime soon.


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