$200 Electronic Cigarette Helps Kick the Habit

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China's Golden Dragon Group has introduced the first ever electronic cigarette. This "electronic cigarette" is really just a battery-powered nicotine inhaler that looks like a cancer stick. The device even emits vapors to give you that smoker look. The e-cigarette is already available in China, Israel, Turkey and some European countries and by the proven financial success the device should be coming Stateside to compete with the heavy hitters like Pfizer and Novartis in the nicotine-replacement market. This first gadget to assist in quitting, but it may be the best.


Chinese "e-cigarette" helps you stub out the habit [Via The Raw Feed]



$200 is a little bit expensive, for what it is. $200 is cheap, for what it does, if it is effective in quitting. But damn, roll yer own cigs come out to about 3.5 cents a piece, so for $200 i could have 5,714 cigarettes, which is 285 packs of cigarettes, keeping me happy for an entire year. Compared to conventional cigs, this is a much better deal. However, im almost positive you have to purchase nicotine cartriges. If this thing coup vape tobacco like a reusable Eclipse cigarette, then i think i'd buy it.