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$200 Off MacBook White

Illustration for article titled $200 Off MacBook White

With this $200 mail-in rebate, the white MacBook is almost cheap enough for Lauren, at $799. Yes, it's the new one with Nvidia graphics, so it's a solid deal—an actually cheap(ish) Mac notebook. UPDATED.


One thing to note is that you have to rename the mail-in rebate form you download as a PDF—they've given it some weird extension that makes it unreadable at first. A small hoop, but one worth jumping through for $200, no? Of course, if you're Lauren, we've got an even better deal for you. Update: They don't have many left, so don't hesitate if you're thinking about it! [Micro Center via thegadgetsite]


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Am I the only one that assumes mail-in rebates are bogus? Why can't Apple just lower the price by $200 instead? Oh, because some people might not know about the rebate - and others might forget to fill it in - and perhaps even more will forget to follow some mundane step that will invalidate their rebate. Argh. This is not a rant on Apple, but a rant on rebates in general. Can you tell I am bitter? Fucking rebates.