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200-year old giant salamander discovered outside a cave in China

Chinese giant salamanders are incredible amphibious beasts that look more like monsters from a movie than something that could exist in real life on this here Earth. They are comically huge, like brown boulder-sized beings who are unaware of how big they are. This one, discovered outside a cave near Chongqing, China, is over 4 and a half feet long and weighs nearly 115 pounds. Experts believe that it may be around 200 years old.


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What’s with the rampant amphiphobia? Notice in the video how the salamander was “lurking” in a cave like some evil entity bent on murder and chaos? Why not any one of number of other less evocative verbs like “living” in the cave, or equally evocative but less nefarious verbs like “chilling” in the cave? Or better yet why not assign the dark intent where it belongs - on the kidnappers that ripped this peaceful dude from his home of two centuries to dump him in a bright, cold, sterile, frightening prison - by saying the animal was “removed from a cave” or “callously spirited away from its cave”? Why is he the bad guy here with the “lurking”? And what’s with the defamatory labels like “beast” and “monster” in this article? I am sickened by all this blatant anti-amphibian prejudice.