2001: A Space Odyssey Is Even Crazier After Running it Through Google's Neural Network

Mother of god that’s cool-looking.

If it weren’t for the DMCA I’d love to watch the whole movie like this—Kubrick’s expert use of color be damned. But wait, let’s talk for a second about this video’s creator, because he’s only been uploading Deep Dream videos for a week and he’s already made some real gems.


In addition to transforming 2001 into something even weirder than it already is by teaching Deep Dream to interpret the scifi classic as a Picasso painting, Bhautik Joshi ran Republican hopeful and remorseless bigot Donald Trump through a variety of neural networks that resembled things like bullets, money, and human teeth. The raw meat filter is far and away my favorite.

He also took some brief snippets from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and had Deep Dream give it the Vincent van Gogh treatment. Clearly it’s just a test of the software, but it the result lends a very different feeling to that singular dystopia.

Anyway, here’s that 2001 clip you came here for. It’s not quite as terrifying as what Deep Dream once did to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... more like beautiful and foreboding. Revel in it.


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GAAAAHHHH!!! Shut it off! Shut if off!!!

Google: I can’t let you do that, DAVE.