2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith Action Figure Will Leave Your Other Toys in Cosmic Awe

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Your desk. A lone ray of sun shines upon it. Tension squeezes the air. Your pencils tremble. Your pulse quickens. Mysterious forces of the universe are at work. And there it is: a black plastic monolith. Dare you touch it?


ThinkGeek's incredibly cool and, of course, incredibly minimalist new toy isn't quite an "action" figure, but will certainly be the most awe-inspiring object on your desk. Designed to the exact proportions of Kubrick's towering, evolution-pushing movie monolith, this miniature replica will compliment and/or terrify whatever other knick knacks you have sitting around. Just—whatever you do—don't let them touch it. Or else—My God, it's full of stars! [Think Geek]