21-Foot-Tall Robot Baby To Defend People's Republic

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On May 1, guests at Shanghai's Expo 2010 will encounter a giant, cooing robo-baby built by the special-effects artists behind Alien vs. Predator. Is this ankle-biting abomination China's new superweapon? After watching this monstrosity in motion, we vote "yes" unequivocally.


Miguelín the 21-foot baby was created by Isabel Coixet of Spain. Even though Miguelín could be the next step in Spanish national defense, we instead (and totally uninformedly) choose to believe that this is the opening salvo in some baby-themed Cold War, complete with diaper-bombs and death rattles. Next thing you know, Gerber will be selling fatigues and Pedialyte will be laced with Old Grand-Dad to take life's edge off.

For those readers who refused to be swayed by reason, here's the "story" behind this robotic rugrat via Sociedad Estatal para Exposiciones Internacionales:

Miguelín is a 6.5 meters tall baby, electronically animated. It breathes, blinks and dreams with the cities that we will leave to future generations will smiling visitors as they walk into "Sons", the last of rooms that integrate the pavilion, which is managed by the Spanish Agency for International Exhibitions (SEEI) [...]

The baby's "Mother" is film director Isabel Coixet who has pointed out that with this collaboration she has wanted to stay accurate to the Expo Shanghai's Theme, "Better city, better life". Also that Miguelín is a reminder that tells us that "all our actions have direct consequences on our children's future and that we have to react to this", said the filmmaker in an encounter with the Spanish Press at the Instituto Cervantes in Beijing.

Inspiration for creating Miguelín, the absolute protagonist of Coixet's room, has been – according to the director- the passion for children shared by both the Chinese and the Spanish culture. "We have given this many thoughts. I have investigated along with Chinese assessors, friends and artists I know and both countries share this worship for children" – she said.

Given its location within the Spain Pavilion, Coixet's room helps to appreciate with detail the curves of the wicker designed by Benedetta Tabliabue and looks like if baby Miguelín is receiving visitors in its own cradle. While the animated dreams of Miguelín have been created by designer Ignacio Fernández Maroto, the construction of the giant baby has been done in USA supervised by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. at the Amalgamated Dynamis Inc. studios, responsible as well for cinematographic monsters such as Alien vs Predator o Starship Troopers.

Wait, it "dreams with the cities that we will leave to future generations?" That means it's become sentient and can communicate with our urban infrastructure. Oh dear Lord — we are witnessing the birth of Skynet.


Illustration for article titled 21-Foot-Tall Robot Baby To Defend People's Republic

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