Many of us are still buried under snow, but that doesn't mean it isn't springtime, dammit. So enjoy these entries to this week's Shooting Challenge, spring.

Winner: Nanaimo


This picture was taken on a rainy day in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada with a Canon EOS Rebel.

Jillian Harrison


Taken with Nikon D3100.

Eric Shwonek



I shot these before I saw the photo challenge for the week. I just liked the new shoots in front of the collapsed barn of an abandoned farmhouse I was shooting. I was out on a whim and didn't even have the right lens with me, only a 55-200 when I really wanted my 35.

This is a rare shot that I actually did some post on. NIkon D5200, 55-200 at 55. In post, I separated the greens from the background, applied sepia and noise to accentuate the old and left the greens alone to show the new.


Joe Burke

Nisqually Wildlife Refuge


This photo was taken at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge in Lacey, WA. In this picture, the sun is breaking through the rainclouds over the wetlands. This is a perfect summary of springtime in the NW. Photo was shot with a Nikon D7100, ISO 3200, f/3.5-5.6, No digital retouch.

Karen B

Toronto Spring


Spring, in most of Canada, is more about the end of winter then it is about the beginning of summer. After our coldest February ever, we here in Toronto are just happy to see that the snow is starting to melt and that the lakes and rivers are unfreezing.

This is a shot of Lake Ontario, a bit abstract, that shows the wonderful colours the sun brings out. There's an ice-covered pier to the left which also serves as a discharge for the storm drain run-off which brings greenish water into the lake. On the horizon you can see the fresh blue water which was recently covered in ice. No signs of shipping yet as the eastern end of the lake is still frozen.


Taken on my trusty iPhone and 'shopped to enhance colour and contrast.

Rick Miller



It's my first (and last) winter in Northern Ontario, Canada, so I was pretty excited when I stumbled across these maple syrup buckets and taps in the woods near my apartment. They've got a pretty short season for this, ~8 weeks between February and April, and the bucket was still dry. My fingers are crossed for a good harvest; I'd like to try some before I leave.

This photo was taken with a Sony A6000 using the Sigma 30mm/2.8 and a polarizing filter. It was processed in Lightroom for sharpening, converted to black and white using Silver Efex, and split-toned to bring some "maple" feel in back in Lightroom.


Joel Sparks



No description given.

Tyler Crawford

Where's Global Warming When You Need It?


Here in NY, the weather did not cooperate to capture the emerging flowers of Spring. With the buds of my daffodils and tulips under a layer of freezing rain, ice and snow (popularly known as "Wintry mix"), it was clearly time for Plan "B." Can I mention how much snow we got this Winter in the Northeast, and now it is continuing into Spring? So much for global warming!

Anyhow, this image was captured of the Spring Snow that was happening during the first day of Spring. I like the way the snow balanced on the tree branches. The camera used is a Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone. The image was then transferred to GIMP 2.8.14, and a border was added.


Hence why they call this section Shooting Challenge...

Jonas Demuro

Glorious Sunshine


Spring... I think for me Spring conjures up three very specific concepts or images: greenery and flowers popping up, the tweet-tweet-tweet of the robins and glorious sunshine. But of the three I think I have found it is warming sunshine that I miss the most over winter. Here in SW Ohio (and very much like Chicago, where I lived previously for 5-years) Winter is a long battle with grey, overcast, sunless days... which seem to go on for weeks. And in some instances it truly does. I still recall a particular Chicago Winter where we saw not a glimpse of the sun for over three-weeks.

As much as I enjoy seeing green return after many months of grey, brown and sometimes snow, it's really the return of sunshine that is most welcome.


A shot of the sun and still bare trees taken with my Canon 40D, 1/2000th of a second, f/16 @ ISO 200 using an EF-S 55-250 lens. Washed through Lightroom to tame the highlighted sun and level some of the contrast.

Mark Alfson



This was taken yesterday on the second day of Spring. As there is still several feet of snow on the ground and the ground itself, is frozen solid... there won't be anything poking itself up and adding some color to the landscape for quite awhile... depressing as that is... The shot is of my neighbors fence, and in late Fall, she wire tied Fabric Roses to the Rose Plants so there would be a bright spot to ease her way through, what has turned out to be the most severe winter on record... 130 Inches of snow so far. Shot with a Canon 70D and is a 5 shot Panorama, stitched in PS 2014. ISO 100, f:7.1, 500th sec., stopped down 1/3., hand held.

Charlie Carroll



Spring is hard to find out here. This twig is little sign that it is coming. Shot in studio on black desk, Canon 70D, canon lens 40mm and 85mm with coupling ring, 1/100s, f11, ISO100.

Adam Zupko

Keukenhof Flower Garden


This is a macro shot I took by reversing my 50mm F1.8 at Keukenhof Flower Garden near Amsterdam. Taken freehand with a Canon 70D, ISO 100, 1/160. Touched up in Lightroom to fix white balance, and contrast.

Aaron Oaks

The Trees Lie


The calendar (and the banners) may say Spring but the trees say nothing of the sort. Nikon D7100 w/ Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G - ISO 200, f/1.8, 1/2,000.

Win Barker

Denver Botanical Gardens


I took this picture at the Denver Botanical Gardens on Sunday. Taken on a Canon T3i using the kit lens and a neutral density filter. ISO 100, 18mm focal length, f/22, 30 second shutter.

Shane Sosh



No description given.

Rick Miller



These are some red maple buds with a ladybug. I was trying to catch the red buds against the green background of a few pine trees. Getting the ladybug was a happy accident. This was shot with a Canon G9.

Chris Sears



It's always a challenge finding an appropriate subject for the Spring challenge in Florida. There's no snow to provide a contrast. Most of the plants have even given up acknowledging the change of the seasons — and the ones that still do, did so 6 weeks ago. That's why this picture is a bit of a cheat with one plant growing from the remains of another. Canon 60D — f/5 — 1/400" — ISO-100 — 70mm.

Mike Case

Lilac Bud


Well photographing a season is a little difficult so I decided to bust out the macro lens again on my iPhone 4S. This is a lilac bud before it blooms.

Bobby Gutierrez

Long Days


Story: Pretty cold in the midwest so couldn't get a shot of any flowers blooming, but this image of the sun still up at 7:30pm is one of my favorite aspects of spring. The longer days tell me better weather is coming soon and that 9 o'clock sunsets are...on the horizon. Not the greatest picture but it was taken out of the passenger window of a car doing 80 so not the most in focus shot in the world. Canon T3i with 18-55mm lens, ISO 100, f/11, 1/320.

Raz Akhter



Shot this at the Chicago Botanic Garden with my 5D Mark III + 135mm. 1/200 f/4.

Brandan Gajic



Shot at Denver Botanic Gardens, on a Sony NEX-5T, 30mm Macro, ISO 100, f4, 1/500.

Christopher Bates

I won't lie, there are some depressingly frozen images in this pile! But don't worry. It'll be sweltering soon enough. Find the big images over on flickr.


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