You're probably familiar with teledildonics, which for a long time have seemed to be far off in the future somewhere, but now we bring you the world premiere of the virtual vagina. Crudely named Virtual Hole ($200), this USB device has nine motors that are said to be able to simulate a real mouth, hands and "sensation of insertion."

On the other side, your teledildonic companion wields a Virtual Stick ($100) that's linked up to the Virtual Hole, and pressure and location sensors on the two devices are converted in real time and synchronized with each other. The festivities are enhanced with webcam images.

Check out some rough-looking diagrams of how this is supposed to work, along with closeups of the devices, not quite NSFW:


Resembling a bowling pin and some kind of cheap karaoke microphone, these thingamajigs don't look too realistic, but for some people we're thinking they're better than nothing.


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