25,000 Post-Its Make One Delightful Music Video

You can plaster Post-Its everywhere to help you remember things. But a band called the Family Bones has used them in a much less utilitarian way—they took 25,000 of the stickies to make a wonderfully sweet music video for the song "If You Ever Need Someone."

We've definitely seen others in this style before, but this kaleidoscope of color is cute in its own right, fading between cheerful garden scenes to pretty cityscapes. It took them four months to put it together, building each little vignette by hand. A green screen was used for the live-action parts, and loops and split screens were employed so they didn't have to use thousands more notes. The results? One lovely, creative little clip. [CartoonBrew via Geekosystem]

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Isn't this more or less the same idea that they used for Kina Grannis' "In Your Arms" video but using Post-It notes instead of jelly beans? I think Kina's video has much more work to it but this is cool too.