Humans can see an impressive 120-degree arc, but we're not capable of focusing on all of that vision at once. Panoramic photographs stretch that sight to 180 or 360 degrees, and even better, 100% of that image is in attention-grabbing focus. Here are the 29 panoramas from this week's Shooting Challenge.



Shots were taken as to the test the in camera Pano function on the my recently purchased Sony A7. 35mm 2.8 Zeiss lens.

- BR

Empire State Building View

I'm in NYC for a work trip and decided to go to the Empire State Building on Saturday due to the nice weather. I got to the building just before the golden hour hit, and was able to capture this shot from the 102nd floor on my 5D Mk III. The shot was stitched together using Photoshop CC.

- Richard Chen

Panama Coast


From the cost of Panama at Sunrise.

- Michael Durr

San Felipe


I took this photo (yesterday 2/23/14) after a fun day of PreRunning for the SCORE San Felipe 250 race down in San Felipe, Baja California Mexico outside my hotel room. Shot with my trusty iPhone 5 and i used the Snapseed App to play with the contrast a little.

- Troy Vanmouwerik

Gorge Ampitheater


The Gorge Amphitheater. Rising over the crest and heading down towards the stage, a prefect opportunity to see what Apple is talking about when describing thepanorama feature on the new phone. Simple. Fast. Exciting. Add a little dip of the wrist and here is what you get.

- Greg Rosen

One World Trade Center


Panorama of ONE World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Midtown and New Jersey from 4 World Trade Center. Equipment: Nikon D800, 24mm f2.8 lens, ISO200 Composite of 24 photos showing 200° approx. Shot on an extremely windy day, with hopes of getting a longer exposure set as the sun was setting, and the twinkling of city lights beginning to appear, but it was so windy I nearly flew over the edge.

- Elliott Scott

Cranked On Ice


I took these using a tripod that has a crank for smooth panning. I took 2-3 pictures every 5 degrees in three rows, then imported them into Microsoft ICE to stitch them together. Camera Equipment: Canon T3 75-300 EF f/4-5.6 Tripod 300mm f/5.6 Exposure Time 1/250 ISO 100.

- Jason Dennett

Lake Waban


Panoramic view of Wellesley College from across an icy Lake Waban. Sony RX100M2; panorama mode; f/4.5; 1/500th; ISO 200. Converted to B&W with Silver Efex Pro

- Costas Kitsos



I moved to Boston at the beginning of the year and haven't really taken my camera out much to shoot since then. I always see the shooting challenges but have never taken the time to enter one. I just started working in a shared office space on the 14th floor right across from Logan airport and thought that would be a great place to take a panorama from. I used this as my excuse to get to work early and get a picture right as the sun was coming up. Unfortunately, it was a remarkably boring sunrise, but the pre-dawn colors were wonderful. 5 Images, ~40% overlap, Canon 1Ds Mark II, 40/2.8 @ ƒ/8, ISO 200, 30".

-Nathan Fennel

Downtown Pittsburgh


Having never shot a panorama before on my DSLR, I opted to stick with a classic panorama of something I've wanted to shoot for a long time, a night-time cityscape of Downtown Pittsburgh from Mount Washington. So this challenge was timed perfectly for what I've been wanting to shoot in my own spare time anyways. I'll always consider the view of Pittsburgh from Mount Washington one of my favorite views in all of the US. Earlier that day, I had done test panoramas on my iPhone 5 at three separate locations on Grandview Street before deciding which view I favored best. Once I decided on the panorama view I wanted, I waited until after 11PM that evening when I was done with my day and tested a few shots to lock down the settings for the final composition. After that, it was just the mere matter of standing around in the cold while I re-shot the panorama several times to make sure I got everything I needed. The shots for the panorama were developed in Lightroom and then imported and merged in Photoshop.

Canon T4i - 18mm - ISO100 - f/8 - 8 sec

- Long Hong

Simon Kenton Bridge


This panoramic photo was taken from the Simon Kenton Bridge between Maysville, KY (left) and Aberdeen, OH (right). It was taken with my Canon T3 and stitched together with Windows Photo Gallery. Unfortunately, this time of year is very grey and brown, so I went with a black and white photo. There is quite a lot of history here, as this part of the Ohio River was very active in the Underground Railroad and bourbon distribution.

- Christopher Sears



I was already on a ski trip when I saw this contest (so I did not have my gear or much time to go shooting). What I did have, was a fantastic view. This is a shot of the Rockies from Peak 10 in Breckenridge, Colorado. Stitched from 5 shots taken on a Canon S110.

- David Miller



This is actually from a single-frame-size shot but multiple exposures. Additionally, I took this with my backup older camera, a Sony SLT-A55Lens is a 85mm prime f2.8. All shots taken pointing at runway 19L at MCI (Kansas City International Airport) Unlike standard panoramas, this one stitches the shots on the vertical as the planes take off almost directly overhead

- Marvin Francois

Clear Creek Canyon


So I went climbing this weekend at Clear Creek Canyon, outside of Denver, CO. When I found out it was going to be more than 2 people, I knew I had to bring my camera (with only two, you're either climbing or belaying and doing either of those with a camera is a bit strange). The photos are pretty much straight from the camera and stitched together using Hugin. Pentax K100D, 18mm, 1/180 s exposure, iso 200, f/9.5

- Chris Thai

Elbe Marshlands


This is a shot taken with the iPhone 5s' nativ panoramic modus. It shows the Elbe marshlands near Hamburg, Germany at sunset. It's an early spring over here, so I took my bike for a long ride. I enhanced shadows/highlights and vividness.

- Marco Senf

Not Very Linear Horizon


When I got back to work last Friday, I saw this rather spectacular sight, which I thought would make a nice panorama. I did not want to miss the moment so I went for the easiest option: the built-in panorama mode of my NEX-3N. I think it turned out ok, if you ignore the not very linear horizon, though I think in this instance the problem was actually at the other end of the camera…

- Olivier

Ephraim Canyon


This is up Ephraim Canyon, right outside of the small college town of Ephraim, Utah. This pano was taken with a Nikon d3000 DSLR camera, aperture f/3.5, shutter varied slightly depending on where I was pointing the camera. Taken without a tripod, just tried to hold the axis steady around the aperture as I rotated the camera left to right. Stitched together with photoshop. Post processed with photoshop as well as Photmatix to give it a little more HDR like pop.. I was hoping to get some better panos while I was out adventuring but this is the best I could get as the sun had mostly set and the light was very inconsistent. Enjoy.

- Stuart Nelson

Under The Swiss Alps


The Swiss Alps were nicely visible during the day, but too far off for a 180° panorama. So in the evening, defeated, on my way home I walked through this underpass. I was already a few steps away when I realized that it would actually make a nice panorama, even though there was whether landscapes nor skyscrapers. The graffiti says: "Don't Dream it, do it!" and "Lebe Liebe Lache" or in English: "Live Love Laugh" Taken with my trusty Canon 6D and a Sigma 17-35mm 2.8-4. The 360° is stitched together from 6 images each landscape at 17mm,1/30s, f/4, and ISO 12800 with Microsoft ICE.

- Tobias Ammann

New York Snow


Nothing but a ton of snow up here in NY, so decided to go with it, and the sunny day helped. This was a shot of the snow (and the snirt) on the side of the road. I walked alongside it with the iPhone 5S in panorama mode, and then made some minor contrast adjustments in 3.5.11.

- Jonas Demuro

Somewhere Beautiful


- Jarred Decker

Into Night


I've been actually doing a few panoramas lately, so when I saw this shooting challenge I jumped on it. Had a great time out shooting last night. This is 5 images stitched together in Photoshop. Slight Contrast boost and a tad bit of NR. Shot with a Canon t3i f/ 3.5 iso 800 30 sec. exposure. I love the way this turned out. The colors in town gave off an orangish color making it look like a sunset with stars. Kind of contradictory, but it made out for a great photo.

- Josh Matthews



My wife and I were in Monterey last week and I snapped this on the Beach in Carmel of her and Pebble Beach. No editing done, just the native camera app on my iphone.

- Chris Mathisen

São Paulo


I'm Bruno from São Paulo - Brazil, I just took those "Pedra do Bauzinho" panorama pictures today with my girlfriend on a weekend trip. I was using a Canon 60d with an 17-40mm lens with an old tripod that is almost a bipod now (reason why I ended cutting part of my girlfriend boots from the photo and just merged the photos together at photoshop.

- Bruno Ortega

Diamond Head Crater


Taken at Diamond Head Crater in Oahu, Hawaii in November of 2013 with iPhone 5.

- Joe Registre

Alamitos Bay


After dinner at Alamitos Bay after a long day of work Friday I decided to take a walk along the shoreline with my Sony NEX-3 and its standard 16mm-50mm lens. After several shots that just did not look right I finally found a place where the lighting played just right.

- Ryan Derbyshire

The Witch's House


I am totally obsessed with that house, The Spadena House and also known as The Witch's House. I pass by that area almost everyday because is on my way to work, and at least 10 times a year I photograph it in different light conditions. The house looks like a place from a fairytale story. I been photographing that house for a long time now. I was already yelled at once by the owner and other time he spoke to me and treated me really nice (go figure). The landscape design once stopped me and questioned what I was going to do with the photos.... I explained that I really loved the architecture and the whole vibe on that house... It turned out she knew my boss and she asked me to do the landscape photos. After some emails exchange with the landscaper lady, she said the owner did not allowed her to bring someone to take the photos, I just thought, "what a witch, I mean what a bitch, I mean the guy is a witch with bitch mood!"

- Alecio De Paula

Crystal Cove


This photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII using several shots and stitched together by Google+.

The is at Crystal Cove, CA - next to Laguna Beach.

- William Zain



- Carlos Andrés Torres Osorio



The view from an apartment that I will be (hopefully) purchasing. Location: Beirut, Lebanon

- Ahmad Fatayerji

You really outdid yourselves this week! Not only were the photos fantastic (choosing the winner was an impossible, and somewhat futile task, honestly), it was a ton of fun seeing your views from around the globe.


Now I bet you'd like to see these images even bigger! No problem. Head over to flickr to enjoy the panoramas in their natively sized majesty. And show up tomorrow for our next challenge.

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