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We love reading employee blogs that talk honestly about their company and their products, instead of the verbose, often meaningless gushing we get in press releases. We were reading the See Into S60 blog today, written by people working at Nokia Technology Platforms, and were charmed to see one of them posting about being nervous when trying a 2GB MiniSD card out for the first time in their Nokia E61.

It's still really weird that a thing half the size of a postage stamp has way more space than the first computer we ever owned, but it's good to know Symbian OS 9 and 3rd edition S60 devices are playing nicely with large memory, since to us part of the fun of using a S60 phone has always been installing all sorts of software on the MiniSD and taking a bazillion photos and videos.


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2GB miniSD works like a charm in my Nokia E61 [See Into S60]