3 Shadows Acting All Shady

Last week, we challenged you to photograph a shadow puppet. Of the millions of Gizmodo readers, only three of you were brave enough to take on the challenge. We celebrate you hand-shadow-heroes today.

WINNER: Freeze

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I've been looking for an excuse to use Star Wars figures in a Gizmodo Challenge. I kinda followed the instructions. I used a red light for a different spin, a clear plastic box with a paper towel taped to the bottom. The figures inside the box weren't giving the desired effect so I placed them in front of it. I used light room to boost the shadows & put some vignetting.

Canon T1i, EF100mm f/2.8 , f5, 1/6, 100mm, iso-100

- Javier Valencia


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The image was obtained with a Panasonic DMC-ZS9. Postprocessing in Paint.net where it was converted to a B&W, and then the contrast was dialed up to give it a dodge and burn effect.

- Jonas Demuro

Not-So Secret Message

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I know this isn't the traditional shadow on a wall, but I've always wanted to get around to doing this shot and it IS a shadow...

Sony A65 with a 85mm fixed lens. This setup had a 1 second shotter, 2 speedlights, one directly overhead at 1/128 and another directly in front of and above the camera pointed at the ring with 2 sheets of gel to knock down the intensity.


- Marvin Francois

Thanks to the three of you who joined in this week. And to those of you who enjoy Shooting Challenges each week, consider participating! It only hurts a little bit.


Find the full-size shots on flickr.

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