30 Rock Shows Apple-Style Keynotes Aren't Always the Best Business Strategy

30 Rock's Apple keynote parody was dead-on Jobsian. The wardrobe, the attitude, the nod to convergence, and the casual mention of achievements were all pitch-perfect. But shouldn't we be done imitating Steve Jobs by now?

Compared to Chuck's recent homage, 30 Rock went for a more literal imitation of Apple keynotes, and we have to say, they got the details right. The casual dropping of their product's marketing stats and the visuals especially were nice touches. But, as much as it pains us to say this about as stellar a show as 30 Rock, aren't keynote parodies kind of passe at this point?

Steve Jobs, in all his turtlenecked glory, is doing his best to shy away from the spotlight, and his absence from future Apple keynotes should indicate that the well of parodies would start to dry up. On the other hand, maybe we're not giving 30 Rock enough credit; after all, Liz Lemon's presentation, as elaborate as it was, earned nothing but a curt dismissal in response.


And of all the people to do a Jobs impression, 30 Rock could have chosen so much better. Does anyone play a monomanaical executive better than Alec Baldwin? And has there ever been a more hilariously surreal impressionist than Tracy Morgan? Maybe they'll let Baldwin do Ballmer to make up. [30 Rock]

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Well as long as sites like Gizmodo still get Beatle-mania and dedicate entire live-blogs whenever Apple announcements are made, I say there is still a place in this world for keynote parodies...