NBC's Chuck Parodies MacWorld With Chevy Chase As Steve Jobs

Illustration for article titled NBCs emChuck/em Parodies MacWorld With Chevy Chase As Steve Jobs

MacWorld and our good buddy Stevesie are ripe for parody, and NBC's comedy-with-stuff-blowing-up Chuck has stepped up to the plate. Check out the clip below, it's got some great zingers.

Yep, right before Chevy Chase (sorry, "Ted Roark," which we're really, really hoping isn't an obtuse Ayn Rand reference) walks out on stage, you can hear the strains of "Around the Bend" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, otherwise known as "that song from the iPod touch commercial." Chuck has made their version of Apple, Roark Instruments, a software-only company sort of reminiscent of Google, at least in their casual but high-tech office building, but this announcement is pure Apple. The nerds' rapt attention is great, but the best line is "Must be my rock star magnetism." Oh, Chevy Chase, even in your ornery old age you don't fail to charm. [Official Site, thanks Isaac!]

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Toni Lähdekorpi

You should start tagging this US-only crap with "us-only" so the people living in superior countries could easily skip them...