Coffee. We owe it our lives and our sanity. And so for this week's Shooting Challenge, we photographed the bejeezus out of it.

Winner: Good Morning


No description given.

Rodrigo Ergueta

Sharikat Biru-Biru


It was a very chill sunday and we decided to check this new coffee shop in town called Sharikat Biru-Biru. My friend and I ordered cappuccino and the taste was really good. Shot with my Canon 5D Mark II with Sigma Art Lens 50mm f/1.4

Anwar Tajudin

Morning Routine


Picture was taken on a gloomy Saturday morning (31/12015). Just a regular morning routine, brewing coffee with my Chemex (coffee : Santa Rita Estate- Guatemala by Flight Coffee, New Zealand).

James Ting



This is a locally brewed cup of coffee from Bridgehead on Preston and Anderson in Ottawa. The picture was taken on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and it was a pretty scrumptious coffee.

Maddison Long

Ribshack Coffee


I'm Chris from England and I couldn't resist sending this. Some Coffees are really strong but this looked positively toxic! Ordered in a restaurant after a lovely Rib-eye. An iPhone 5s was used in a very dark but enjoyable Ribshack.

Chris Long

Path to Peace


Who can resist a good cuppa and taking a picture of one? Irresistible! So, as I sat enjoying a quiet cup of coffee this morning, I realized I wanted my picture of coffee to help make a statement least that's what I set out to do in this picture.

I used my trusted Canon Rebel T1i with a Canon EFS 15-85 mm lens, an exposure of 1/40 sec and F-stop of 5.6. I tried taking it with Aperture priority, but quickly realized that I'd have to use the Manual mode to achieve what I want. I shot in Monochrome and adjusted for exposure and midtones in Photoshop.


Champa Sumant

Collective Expresso


Here you go from Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is my contest submission a cappuccino from Collective Expresso OTR. I shot this with a iPhone 5s. Great little place in OTR Cincinnati.

David Harvey

Trash Coffee


I shot this on an Nikon F100 with Kodak Portia 400 film in manual mode. It around 9 on Sunday morning and I had made this cup and had left to take the trash out. I came back in saw that the lighting was perfect. Took the shot and here we are.

Taylor Hawes

Early Morning Cup


Shot with an iPhone 5, set on the pergola in my backyard, in beautiful Ann Arbor, MI.

I used a filter from Instagram. Shot was taken early in the morning, best time to drink espresso!


Bolan Dimitrov

Dark(side) Coffee


Dark coffee was my theme but I wanted to have a little fun with it. It was a challenge not losing my light to the dark side. I ended up wrapping it in plastic and taped it to the bottom of the cup. I used real coffee to make sure the texture and thickness was right in the stream. A little plastic melted but the light survived.

Jerome Brill

Turtle Power


Barista, Black Gold Coffee Roasters. Venice, FL.

Dylan Norris

Pentagon Coffee


In the Navy and at the Pentagon coffee is a requirement. Good or bad, day or night. This mug has been filled, emptied, and re-filled around the world with me. Here it is in a (rare) unfilled moment on my desk.

Douglas Factor

La Semeuse


No caption given.

Lisa Foscolo

Ultimo Coffee


Shot with my Nexus 6. Sitting in Ultimo Coffee in Philadelphia. Reading Gizmodo and came across the coffee article/contest so I said WHY NOT?! Had the day off on a brisk morning in Philadelphia so decided to relax in a cosy coffee shop.

Paul Cathel

Fresh Cup


I wanted to do something a bit different and have always thought dark roasted coffee beans are quite photogenic. They also contrast nicely with the cup. I used a Sony alpha 6000 with 35mm f1.8 prime lens and remote cable release. High power LED torch in a soft box for lighting. Settings: Manual mode, manual white balance, f4.5, ISO250 and a shutter of 1/125.

Daryl Jewell

From the Wilderness


Work has sent me far from my NYC home to the Midwestern wilderness that is Ohio. My caring parents gifted me a Gaggia Classic espresso machine for Christmas, and I have been learning the ways of the barista since. I had to leave my Nikon in NY, so this photo was snapped from an iPhone 5S, at the start of my Saturday morning Gizmodo binge. I hope you find the cappuccino delicious.

Jahn Golden

Plain and Simple


Same mug every morning - plain and simple. Cannon MKII (auto settings, feeling lazy since I hadn't had my coffee yet)

Peter Axcell



Shot on a Leica M monochrome.

Doug Green

Coffee and Kisses


The coffee shop was low-lit and hence I had to turn up my ISO a bit. This photo was taken right after my girlfriend had the first sip of her White Macadamia Nut Latte (which she fell in love with btw). I was struck by the contrast of the red lipstick with the cup and the sensual tone it instigated. I have named the picture "Coffee and Kisses" since they seem to fit perfectly with each other and, if had together, will make anyone's morning fantastic! This photo was taken by me using a Nikon D-80 with a 18-200mm Nikkor lens.

Parth Ruparel

Some Sugar


There were a beautiful boring heart drawn in that coffee surface. I took some pictures and my mistress, with whom I was having a pre-coital coffee asked for sugar from the barista that frowned upon her, but caved in and gave her some packets. She then was putting some sugar in while I kept shooting. I love her hand in the shot, the falling crystals, her on the background and the depression that the sugar caused on the coffees surface. iPhone 5s, HDR.

Marcelo Ribeiro

Jet Fuel


My local coffee shop, Jet Fuel, serves their coffees in glassware. This image is the result of my methodically sipping a latte, leaving behind foam rings on the glass. It was taken with an iPhone 5S and processed with the Format126 app.

Rick Miller



Got an Aeropress for Christmas and have used it just about every day since. Delicious.

Shot on Canon 60D, with Canon 24mm f/2.8 pancake lens. Settings were 1/60 at f/2.8 (aperture priority mode), ISO 400.


Andrew McNally



My name is Cheik I am barista at Freehold Brooklyn, not much to say I just start working as a barista 6 months ago and want to share my skills art with you, hope you guys like it.


All You Can Eat


No caption given

Keith Chiappa

The Smell


Coffee for me is a smell, and it is difficult to capture a smell in a picture. If I close my eyes and think about coffee smell however, a picture comes to me mind: a coffee shop. I don't know what it is about this picture that simply calls for sniffing a few times (looking for the smell of coffee) each time I look at it. This is perhaps the reason I go for this one for the contest although perhaps it is not the best. I hope you guys have fun picking the winner and go and have a nice coffee after to kill the cold turkey :) Equipment: Fujifilm X100T + Tele Converter; 1/10; f/8; ISO 400; Classic Chrome.

Victor Canero

The Coffee Sermon


As the end neared, Starbuck took his disciples to a cafe for teaching and reflection. As they had done before, his followers ordered tea and sat at a small table to await his teaching.

This time was different, though. Starbuck reached into his pocket and pulled forth a single coffee bean, holding it silently before them.


Naturally, the disciples were intrigued, but also confused. Starbuck showed the coffee bean to each of them in turn. As he did they tried to interpret the meaning of the bean.

When Barista behold the bean, he suddenly understood. He smiled and began to laugh.


"What can be said I have said to you." Starbuck indicated the other disciples. "What cannot be said, I have given to Barista."

Nikon D7100 w/ Nikkor DX Micro 40mm @ ISO 800 f/3.2 1/500

Win Barker

The Most Dangerous Game


What you have here is "the most dangerous game". Late night Macbook repair powered by coffee, and this photo was a quick break from it. I used Sony a77m2 with an old minolta 28mm f2.8 prime for this, with the settings at 1/50 and f4.5 (I was tired and lazy, so you get iso 2000 from a preset min/max auto iso).

Karl Domning

Top Pot


I would have been so much happier submitting this if the goal line play call would have gone to Marshawn Lynch. We even got our lucky Seahawks donuts and coffee from Top Pot, but apparently our luck ran out! Shot on my kitchen counter with a Nikon D610 and a 50mm/1.4.

Jeffrey Peffer

Death by Coffee!


This is a combination of 15 different images. I had one coffee and moved it around while my Dad so graciously played the over-caffeinated dead guy. Nikon D600, 28-70 f2.8 nikkor lens, MyFoto tripod, Shutter release cable, Starbucks mocha.

Nicholas Shirley

Mixed Media


I love mixed media, using coffee beans was the best way i could portray a real cup of hot coffee. I knew using the coffee paste would give it the look and smell of real coffee. Made with homemade coffee paste on white GSM paper outlined with black ink decorated with coffee beans. Shot on a Nexus 5.

Isabelle Bailey

Wedding China


Coffee at its finest, to me, is a quiet Saturday morning with a French press and fresh grind. For this shot, I brought out the wedding china and enjoyed the cup on an unseasonably warm morning in Houston, Texas. Shot on a Canon 6D with an EF 24-105mm lens. 1/60 at F/4 with ISO 640.

Ariel Pena

It's amazing to see how many of you are buying pretentious caffeine around the world! Thanks to everyone who shared a cup this week. Find the big images on flickr.