32GB ScanDisk Sansa View on the Way?

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The recently released Sansa View may already in line for an upgrade if some leaked info on the ScanDisk website is anything to go by. The link revealed listings for devices with 8, 16 and 32GB capacities with the high end price topping out at $330. And since a 32GB Sansa View does not currently exist, we can only assume that one will be released sometime in the near future. Not a confirmation by any means, but if you are planning on picking up a Sansa View, you might want to wait a little longer if a higher capacity interests you. [Dapreview]



The Rhapsody software is awful! Takes forever to go thru your songs on your sansa just so you can load more. The process is a pain in the ass and i wouldnt buy another just for that reason. Rhapsody sux!

I have a 6gb Sansa now and yes it is a poormans mp3 player. It wasnt real cheap pricewise but it should be. The volume doesnt go as load as the ipod or Creative lines, it freezes up on me sometimes, and the video editer doesnt work with my computer.

Needless to say i dont use it as much as id like because it is a pain to add stuff to it. Im going to get an ipod touch when i upgrade.

I do like the radio in it and it works better than thre radio in the creative players. Dont know why ipod doesnt include a radio in theirs.