Here's a batch of 13 new images from the movie about the greatest gadget tinkerer and playboy of all time: Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. And while all of them are great and make our legs shake in anticipation, there's something wrong going on in there. Let's review:




ā€¢ Same amazing armors as before, check.

ā€¢ Random circuitry fiddling, check.

ā€¢ Playboy sport supercars, check.

ā€¢ One of said playboy sport supercars, a Cobra of all things, destroyed in goofy accident, check.

ā€¢ $5,000 Armani suit, check.

ā€¢ $7,000 Zegna leather jacket, check.

ā€¢ Obligatory just-out-of-bed hot girl, naked in man's shirt, check.

ā€¢ Obligatory hot-but-untouchable secretary for underlying sexual tension, check.

ā€¢ Random casino gaming, check.

ā€¢ Dell servers...


Dell servers?

Tony, Tony, Tony... really, you, me and the devil in the bottle go a long way back, but come on, off-the-shelf Dell servers? Where are the elegant supercomputers that any playboy should use? Where are the stunning mirrored-surfaced classified computers that only Stark Industries and Nick Fury would use? Even those punks from the X-Men have mind-blowing hardware. You can't have a friggin' flying armor and run it on commodity server racks, mate. Damn marketing.


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