3D Motorola "Ming" Clamshell Turns Up In China, Could Use Nintendo 3DS-Style 3D Tech

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My, how the quality of life would improve if all leaked photos were of this quality. And plentiful! Motorola's 3D "Ming" clamshell is looking very near completion, but the girth looks...challenging.

We already know it's 3D capable thanks to the patent that appeared only a couple of weeks ago, showing a clamshell that displays 2D content on each screen, but when closed the two screens together join forces and turn 3D. Yeh, I know—sounds sketchy, but the patent mentions the use of autostereoscopic technology—basically, the same parallax barrier stuff seen in Sharp and Toshiba's glasses-less 3D panels.


The patent information says of the 2D to 3D conversion:

"An optical element is disposed, for example, molded or laminated, within the first housing. The optical element allows light to pass through, from the display to a side of the housing for viewing. While the display present images in two dimensions, the optical element changes the image viewed therethrough to appear as three dimensional. The optical element is a plurality of lens, preferably made of polymer lenticule, but may also be other types of optical structures, for example, electro-wetting lenses or parallax barriers."


These new pics have appeared with the China Mobile logo, suggesting it's close to popping, and while we can't be sure this is the exact same phone as shown in the patent, it's certainly the word on the street.

With Motorola potentially using the same parallax barrier tech that Nintendo's said to be using in its 3DS handheld, could we potentially see some eye-popping mobile games? [HIAPK Forums via Slashphone via AndroidAndMe]