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3D Printed Lens Hoods Let You Stand Out In a Sea of DSLRs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At one point and time, carrying a DSLR made you feel special. In a sea of point and shoot cameras you looked like a bonafide professional photographer—even if you never ventured past your DSLR's Auto shooting mode. But these days everyone's got a prosumer camera hanging around their necks, and the best way to feel special now is to pimp yours with custom accessories like these colorful 3D printed Kapsones lens hoods.

Most amateur photographers don't have much need for a lens hood, but at the least they can help protect a lens from scratches or smudges. And if it's mostly going to be decorative anyway, why not choose one with style? The Kapsones hoods are available in four patterns right now—Baroque, Knitted, Stealth, and Street—and your choice of six colors including black if you're worried about the hoods tinting your shots.


At $28 they're unfortunately only compatible with Canon cameras at the moment, but they're just a few tweaks on a 3D model away from working with other popular brands like Nikon and Sony. [Kapsones via MoCo Loco]