40 Hours Of Illustrator, Time-Lapsed

Over several months, one artist put roughly 40 hours of Illustrator drawing work into a piece called "Science Machine." And over that time, he had his computer screencap the project every five seconds. The result, along with some B-roll and a soundtrack, is what you see in this video. And despite a few issues with Vista, he remains a loyal fan of the OS:

I thought you might like a screen cast I made of me working in Vista on Adobe Illustrator on a 40-hour project. It's pretty much a music video as well. I've screwed with my install of Vista a lot, so I got some crashes and some BSODs, but obviously those were not captured. On the whole, I've been very happy with the OS, though.


If I could make neat stuff out of nothing, I'd be pretty happy, too. You can purchase a print of Science Machine here.



I still don't understand why folks create stuff like this in Illustrator when a 3D application seems like a much better tool. I wouldn't say that it would be any easier to create this in a 3D app, but once the work is done, Illustrator leaves you flat (pun intended) where re-use is concerned.

If you were to decide you want slightly different lighting, or another angle, for example, you're pretty much back to square one. In a 3D space, you can move your light/camera/scene, tweak, and you're good.

Still, I have to say that this is AMAZING work by someone who is clearly a master of his tools. Absolutely amazing.