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40 Stunning Photos Of Fall Foliage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's become something of a tradition. Every autumn, we enlist you to take the most beautiful photos of the most beautiful season that you can. And every year, you outdo yourselves.

WINNER: Fall Spectrum

I went hiking on the coast of South Korea. Amongst all of beautiful colors I happened to find this cluster of trees forming a near perfect cascade of fall colors. Snapped 3 shots at different exposures and merged them to show the full light and color. Canon T3i at 10mm with 1/(8,30,125), f/14 and ISO 800.


- Levi Basist



- Karson Hatch

Dahlia Park

This photo was taken in Dahlia Park in Issaquah WA less than a quarter mile from my home. The equipment used was my LG G2 handset using the Dynamic Tone setting. For a few weeks, as I walked my dog on the streets and through the local woods, I'd been snapping pictures of the changing leaves trying to find something interesting enough to submit. I got a great photo album out of it which I'll post a link to. This particular shot was a bit of a surprise in that we had several heavy fog days in a row and I was not anticipating being able to find any good shots. You could barely see more than 5 meters in front of you. But as I cut through the park on my way to my dog's favorite off-leash spot, I noticed the trees that surrounded picnic area were an incredibly vivid red. So I climbed up on a table and framed the shot with a downward angle to get the green of the lawn behind it and snapped a couple of shots, figuring I could tweak the colors in Photoshop. But then I got notification that my photos had been uploaded to Google+ Photo and were ready to view. Other than a slight adjustment to the levels to cut some haze, this is what was there.

- Eric Shwonek

Japanese Maple


Japanese Maple Leaves. I took this image when I was searching for fungi and some autumn colour, which has been very late coming this year. Looking up through the tree I saw these leaves in partial shade and used the canopy and the filtered sunlight as a background. Canon EOS 5D 100mm macro lens 1/80th second, f/6.3, ISO400.

- Richard Becker



I have already planned my trip to New Hampshire for fall colors. Meanwhile I came across this photo challenge so it was like my motivation to my trip. I have covered so many places in white mountain national forest in New Hampshire and took so many good pictures. But this one is little special because my camera battery is about to die and this is the last shot I have taken. It was so amazing and I feel this the best shot of the trip. It has so much details and very clear shot so I think I have to send this picture in competition. Camera: Canon EOS rebel T4i ISO: 1000 focal length: 40 mm exposure time: 1/60 F-stop: f/5.6 Date: 10-13-2013

- Anand Khatri

Mohonk Preserve


Went on a hike on October 13 with my girl friend and some close friends in the Mohonk Preserve in NY State. We got quite twisted around after we mixed up the trail blazes on the trees. We turned around to get back on the right trail after we realized our mistake and I saw the sun was starting to get low in the sky. I waited just a moment as they made their way back up the hill and snapped this shot. Shot on a Canon T2i with a 18-55 kit lens wide open at 18mm in RAW.

- Andrew Kao

Japanese Maples Redux


I live in the SF Bay Area and we have these beautiful Japanese Maple trees in our front yard that I've always wanted to photograph around Autumn time. I set out with my camera and snapped plenty of images. This one turned out the best with a nice bokeh in the background and deep saturated colors. I shot this a couple weeks ago. This image was shot at with my Canon Rebel SL1 fitted with a the Canon Shorty Forty (40mm 2.8 pancake lens). It was shot at 1/640, f2.8 and at ISO 100.

- Armont van Dyck

Tunnel of Love


Strolling along the edge of the pond, when I spotted the swan on the far shore. I crept around behind him, careful not to make a peep. Closer, closer, fighting my way through the bushes and brush. Not quite right; a little to the left, further, further.... Perfect! Captured in a heart of leaves. Location: Cranbrook Institute of art. Cranbrook Lake. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Shooting summery: Canon 5D Mark II. Lens EF 50mm 1.4F USM During the shooting time: RAW, ISO 100, 50mm, -0.33 ev, 1.4F, 1/6400, Aperture 3.5

- Alikhan Kuljanov

Ricketts Glen State Park


Ricketts Glen State Park in northern Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places to visit thanks to it's 22 waterfalls and great hiking trails. This year we camped by the lake at the top of the park and that is where we were hiking in the morning when I took this shot. It was an overcast morning and I liked how bland the sky and water looked in contrast to the bright colors of the leaves. The picture was taken with my Canon T3i with a EF-S18-55mm lens at ISO 200.

- Matthew Gehman

Japanese Maple Part III


Japanese Maple Water Droplets. Since this challenge started my search for leaves spanned over three counties in western Washington "King, Snohomish, and Skagit" to be exact, but was too late as most of the leaves in these places had already turned brown. As it turned out, I did not have to go far. This was taken at my parents front yard, sometimes the best things are in your own backyard! Canon EOS REBEL T3i F 5.6 Tripod Mounted 1/40 sec ISO 800 Focal Length 250mm Canon EFS 55-250 zoom lens Aperture Priority Minor Color Correction done in Canon RAW editor

- Chris Nelson

Wall Flower


Shot this on my way to classes one morning in Pittsburgh, PA. A few days before this was taken, the leaves were still green. When I saw the beautiful gradient it had turned to, I had to take a photo. Shot with Nikon D3000 and a Nikkor 50mm lens, f/1.8, ISO 200.

- Victoria Venskoske

Leaves, Circa 17th Century


This picture was taken in the recreated 17th century village in Plymouth Park, MA, where the first settlers still live and work (at least during park opening hours). I liked the fact that I'm shooting nature against an object which is man made but is from another time, that wooden house in the background. It felt as if that's the only true excuse to include man made object in a nature shot. The shot was taken from behind the leaves, shooting with my back to the bark, just before dusk. I used Canon EOS Rebel T2i, 55mm focal length, 100 ISO and 5.6 f number.

- Alon Finkelstein

Extraordinary entries all around, but what you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. For all the images, in full, wallpaper-sized resolutions, head over to flickr.


And for everyone who's waiting on results from our cellphone challenge, those will run next week. So you have one more week to submit entries!