4TB of Storage Capacity Is Your Back-Up-Everything Deal of the Day

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Amazon's Gold Box deal today is a 4TB Seagate Backup Plus hard drive for $140. This is an excellent deal. Here's why:

First, at $140 — which is at least $35 lower than the next closest price — it comes out to $35 per TB, which is a fantastic price even for bare drives. Second, this is a well-liked desktop model with USB 3.0 connectivity. The Wirecutter's Seamus Bellamy rated it as their "favorite external drive." Finally, if you've ever lost a laptop or had an onboard drive fail, you know recovering your data costs way more time and money than simply doing proper backups.


If you picked up the Airport Extreme deal earlier this month, adding this drive gives you a nice 4TB Time Capsule. It's on sale over at Amazon, have at it. [Amazon]

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A Notable Coupon Code from Rakuten

If you've never shopped from Buy.com before, they've got an offer going on that you should look into. It's a straight up $25 off $100 code. That means when you apply it to products like the Apple TV or certain camera lenses, you'll discover some historically low prices. The code is NEW25. [Rakuten]

Apple TV ($74) | Rakuten | Originally $100 | You'll have to tip your basket over $100 | Use code NEW25
Canon EF40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens Kit ($125) | Rakuten | Originally $150 | Use code NEW25



Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 ($17) | Rakuten via Fatwallet | Originally $40
32GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC ($20) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $30
Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse ($30) | Best Buy via Edealinfo | Originally $45
4TB Seagate Backup Plus ($140) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $200
BOGO invisibleSHIELD from Zagg | Zagg via Ben's Bargains



Uni-ball KuruToga ($3.88) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $6 | Pretty cool mechanical pencil, here's the Gizmodo review
FunBites Squares ($10.21) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $13
Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool ($25.5) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $35
Mohu Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna ($32) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $40
Norton Japanese-Style Whetstone ($70) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $130



Lightning Digital AV Adapter ($40) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $50
Mac Mini ($550) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $600 | Best Buy had this deal yesterday and now Amazon is PM it
13" rMPB w/ 2.9GHz i7, 256GB Storage ($1649) | MacMall via 9to5Toys | Originally $1900
Apple Lightning Cable ($12) | All4Cellular via Tony Kaye | Usually $20 | Use coupon code a4c17off


Gizmodo's Former Favorite Running Headphones For Cheap

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Once upon a time, the Sennheiser PMX 680 won our Battlemodo for best running headphones. Then they were superseded by the PMX 685i, which by most accounts are simply better (and come with a remote.) That doesn't change the fact that the original PMX 680 is still a stellar choice, especially for the price. Right now Amazon's got the PMX 680 for $28 shipped, compared to $80 for the newer model. [Amazon]



Klipsch Image E1 ($17) | Newegg via Dealzon | Originally $30 | Use coupon code EMCXTWL239
Sennheiser PMX 680 Headphones ($28) | Amazon via Ben's Bargains | Originally $45
Audio Technica ATH-M50 Headphones ($110) | Sound Professionals via Reddit | Originally $150 | Was $100 yesterday, now $110 but still a good buy
Audio Technica ATH-A900X Headphones ($170) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $200


This Is The First Real Deal On The Wii U

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Right now, Target's running a promotion that nets you a $50 Target gift card when you buy a new Wii U Deluxe. The price for the Wii U Deluxe remains $350. Sure, it's not the biggest discount in the world, but it's the first notable one on Nintendo's 121 day-old console. [Target]


Civilzation V ($6) | Green Man Gaming via Reddit | Originally $30 | Use coupon code GMG20-NT7TS-SY2RT, other DLC on sale too
Far Cry 3 ($30) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $60 | For Xbox, PS3, PC
Wii U Console Deluxe Set + $50 Gift Card ($350) | Target via Dealzon | Originally $400
2000 MS Points [$25] for $20 | Best Buy via DealNews | Free Shipping | Yesterday we pointed to free iTunes money, today it's free Microsoft Points. Best Buy is offering 400 Bonus MS points with the purchase of 2000. - SR
XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC ($16.50) | Amazon Via DigitalGameDeals | Normally $50


Physical Media + Digital Media

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Whoa. This is a sick deal, especially if you've always wanted into the velvet-rope restricted Insider portion of the ESPN website. A year of ESPN magazine is $4.33 over at Three Mags with the code hoops. At that price, it really makes sense to subscribe for three years. Once you start receiving your ESPN magazines, you can plug in a code from your label and get access to all of ESPN's NFL draft content, for example. [Threemags]

Note: ThreeMags is also offering cheap Outside Magazine and Popular Science, too. Those codes are bear and invent, respectively.


Cute Silly Threadless Tees for $10

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Shipping's a flat $5, so the more T-shirts you buy the better this deal is. Both guys and girls tees are on sale. [Threadless]


$10 Threadless Tees ($10) | Threadless via Fatwallet | Originally $20
Sperry Top-Siders ($50) | Urban Outfitters via Reddit | Originally $80 | Free shipping if you spend one more cent
Red Wing Round Toe Boot ($165) | Urban Outfitters via Reddit | Originally $250 | Limited sizes left
Isadora Sale | Huckberry via Reddit


Dumb TV → Smart TV

Nope, but there are $74 Apple TVs with the Buy.com code.


15" Asus Ultrabook with 24GB Hybrid SSD/HD ($500) | Adorama via Reddit | Originally $600
14" Dell Inspiron 14z + 32GB Hybrid SSD ($500) | Microsoft Store via Laptopaholic | Originally $750



Alienware X51 with GeForce GTX 660 + Quad Core i7 ($800) | Microsoft Store via Dealzon | Originally $1200





22" Viewsonic LED Monitor ($126) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $150





Kodak Mini Camera Bag ($1) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $10 | Try coupon code NINETYOF


Bare Drives

Not today.



VPET Gen2 ($0) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $1
Crazy Snowboard ($0) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $1


iPad Only

Turnplay ($0) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $2


LED Football ($1) | Amazon Appstore via Apps-aholic | Originally $2
Space Guru ($1) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $2
Audubon Trees ($2.49) | Amazon Appstore via Apps-aholic | Originally $10
Audubon Insects and Spiders ($2.49) | Amazon Appstore via Apps-aholic | Originally $10



If You Like Getting Your Headache Medicine For Free ($0) | Excedrin via Reddit | Originally $1 | Facebook like required


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I can't believe I didn't see Amazon's deal on the PC download of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for like $16.50.