An Apple Airport Extreme Router Under $100 Is Your Deal of the Day

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The Airport Extreme is the nicest router that Apple makes. As you'd expect from a $180 router, it has all the major features you'd want: simultaneous dual-band routing, gigabit ethernet ports, and the ability to add a USB hard drive. If you like flashing router firmware or futzing with network configurations, this is not a deal for you. But if you want a buy-it-and-never-think-about-it-again appliance that serves up rock solid Internet, you can't go wrong with the Airport Extreme, especially if you're a Mac person.


Refurbs are tricky. Some refurbs — like Apple's — are good as new. This Airport is not an Apple refurb. For instance, it only comes with a 30-day warranty. But if you're okay with that risk, you can get an current-generation Airport Extreme for $90 from Best Buy, which is almost half the price for a new one on Amazon and exactly half off Apple's price. When we featured the same price from the same retailer back in January, I picked one up and couldn't be happier. Mine came in a brown OEM box and looked like it was brand new.

The $90 Airport Extreme deal is running through tomorrow, or until they sell out, which will likely happen. So if you want one, head on over to [Best Buy].

Update 3:46PM: Dammit, Best Buy has sold out. The next best price is an Apple refurb for $140. [Apple]
Update 5:38PM: Maybe Best Buy found more? In any case, they're back in stock. [Best Buy]

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I have to say, while Apple's routers are usually on the high end of the price spectrum, they always seem to work great. After blowing through some Linksys then Business Cisco routers, I decided to try the AirPort Extreme. I have never seen my computer actually say the link speed is 450 Mbps. Most of the time it was close to 220 - 280 Mbps.

(And all these routers were 150 Mbps 2.4 GHz + 300 Mbps 5 GHz)