5.11 Tactical Series UC3.400 Flashlight Might Be the Last Torch You'll Ever Need

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And it does it all without batteries of any kind. That is, if it ever comes to light (ugh). Slated for release in 2009, the 5.11's Light for Life UC3.400 LED flashlight uses the almost mystical power of an ultracapacitor to achieve a full 23.5-hour charge in 90 seconds. This torch is expensive at $170, but the makers promise you'll make that up and then some over the course of its 10-year lifetime.The UC3.400 specs state the flashlight is rated for 50,000 recharges, regardless of temperature or storage conditions. Flashlight News does the math, and that comes out to one charge a day for 135 years, which is perfect given the cold, dark days the coming Singularity will bring. Moe importantly, these stats best typical rechargeable flashlights with ease; current rechargeable flashlights begin to degrade after the first use, are affected by extreme hot and cold, and will last for just 500 to 1,000 charges. This thing is also nigh indestructable, claims the manufacterer:

Made of a firearm-grade high-strength polymer, the 11.5" UC3.400 casing is fully sealed against the elements. It's abrasion, crack and bend-resistant. The temperature-tolerant ultracapacitors are rated at -40° F to 149° F (-40° C to 65° C). Also, the water-resistant, ruggedly built UC3.400 flashlight features solid-state construction.


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My question is, how long does it hold its charge for. Most ultra-caps are rather leaky.