5 Directors We'd Love To See Take Over The Barbarella Remake

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With Legally Blonde's Robert Luketic now attached to direct the Barbarella remake, it feels like Hollywood is selling our beloved astronautrix short. Here are five directors who'd I'd much rather see re-imagine and revisit the planet SoGo.

1. Michel Gondry
Imaginative and whimsical, Gondry's style would suit our girl perfectly. Gondry was Drew Barrymore's first choice to direct when she was attached to the project, and screenwriter John August even flew to France to have a development meeting with the director. I would love to see Gondry return to Jean-Claude Forest's comics as source material and completely reimagine Barbarella.


2. Roman Coppola
Coppola practically asked to remake Barbarella, with his debut CQ (2001). The film is a chronicle of a young American in Paris (Jeremy Davies, long before Lost), working on a very Barbarella-esque sci-fi film. Coppola not only has the skills to reintroduce us to the 60's icon, but obviously a true understanding of what the original film was all about. And can't you just see Jason Schwartzman in the David Hemmings role of rebel leader Dildano?

3. Spike Jonze
Jonze's sense of humor falls right in line with the tone of Roger Vadim's original film, and if the preview for Where The Wild Things Are is any indication, he's mastered the ability to create a very real and very stunning fantasy world.


4. Guillermo Del Toro
Guillermo Del Toro would be an ideal choice, with his incredible visual style and his fondness for fantasy. Seeing his interpretation of the City Of Night and the Matmos alone would be worth the price of admission. Too bad he's busy in pre-production on that other fantasy film.


5. Joss Whedon
Experienced sci-fi director? Check. Tongue firmly in cheek? Check. Ability to direct a strong, sexy female lead? Check. Joss Whedon has the perfect credentials to take us on the all-new adventures of Barbarella. Better yet… to give us Barbarella: The Musical.

Okay, that's my five. Who are yours?