50-Foot Models Invade Times Square Billboard With Polaroids And Kisses

Giant model steps over Times Square crowd, snaps Polaroid, shows close-up, leaves. Repeat. Nice little augmented reality billboard cycle you've got there, Forever 21. Oh! Except for when she picks someone up and waves them around. That part's different.


The billboard, designed by Space150, certainly seems to owe a major debt Chris O'Shea's Hand From Above, which appeared last fall in Liverpool, England. And there is, in fact, some controversy over proper credit being due, etc.

All that aside, there's no denying that Space150 has come up with an incredibly fun concept. Give me an AR billboard that recognizes colors (in the form of Forever 21 bags), that holds a magnifying glass up to the crowd, that even gives out a kiss from a giantess now and again, over pretty much any other ad I've seen lately. Except maybe the one that smells like meat. [Fast Company]


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