500 Full-Length Movies You Can Stream Completely Free

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Anybody who's anybody refuses to own a TV these days. So, for those people who rely on the internet for their movie fix, here's a list of over 500 movies that you can view entirely for free.


We're not talking about pay-for streaming which allows unlimited viewing here. Rather, a list of old films scattered across sites like YouTube, the Internet Archive, Crackle, and Veoh. That are completely, entirely, 100 percent free to watch. The movies—listed by OpenCulture—are split up by genre and the list includes a short explainer for each flick. Which is fortunate because, while there are plenty of classics in there including films by Hitchcock and an armful of John Wayne westerns, some are rather more obscure. Still, among the titles you might want to take a look at are:

Check the entire list out here. [Open Culture via The Verge]

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Platypus Man

To quote Joey Tribbiani, "You don't own a TV? What's all your furniture pointed at?"

But honestly, if you have a computer that streams these 500 movies, how is it different than me watching the same stuff on my TV? These days, a "TV" is just a monitor, and if you have a computer, you probably have a monitor of some sort.