Believe it or not, this beautiful Gorenje fridge is an official Apple-licensed Made for iPod refrigerator. And believe it or not, it's not just a speaker and a dock glued to a glossy black fridge: You can control the fridge itself using your iPod touch or iPhone using an application called iGorenj, which in fact can control all kinds of Gorenje appliances-from the washing machine to the oven-as you can see in the user interface gallery.

The application is not built for iPhone/iPod touch, however, but is served from a home server that controls the appliances directly. This allows you to not only use the iPod touch, but also any other web device in your home Wi-Fi network. The program allows you to program the devices using a very easy to use graphical user interface. Click to viewFor example, you can set your oven to cook a type of cake by just visually selecting a recipe and clicking start. In fact, you can even get recipes straight from the server itself. The only bad thing: the iPod dock thingie is taking the place of the built-in draught beer system, which in my book is quite -20 points. [More IFA 2008 Coverage]