The genius behind Ikea is that they've streamlined the furniture production process to near-optimum efficiency. If you consider having to assemble the furniture yourself to be efficient, that is.

This week, Ikea released their 2013 catalog, which is chock full of new products that allow the masses to get their hands on pretty decent modern design without having to put their first-born up as collateral. One notable collection is PS 2012, in which designers revisit favorite Ikea pieces of the past. There is a lot of influence from design of the 60s and 70s; bright colors, organic forms, and fun ideas. Most of the pieces, like these 8 favorites, pull in these details while still looking stylish and contemporary.

The conical forms and clear blue glass of the Gavik Lamp is reminiscent of a lava lamp—minus the fire hazard and kitchsy connontations, of course. [Link]

The Raskog kitchen cart has more of an industrial feel, but the rounded edges and sea green color looks like something that would have been right at home in your grandmother's kitchen once upon a time. And that's not a bad thing.[Link]

If the use of Acrylic-looking plastic in the PS 2012 Drawers isn't enough to evoke past eras of design for you, then maybe the Eames-like use of wood finishes, bold colors, and simple forms is enough to be convincing. [Link]

The Hylkje mirror screams "LOOK AT ME WHILE DROPPING ACID." You could take it home for that reason alone. [Link]

Inspired by the Tulip table made by Eero Saarinen in the late 50s, the PS 2012 Sandskar Tray Table makes use of the same organic, curvy lines that became commonplace 50 years ago. [Link]

The PS 2012 Rug, featuring repetitive circles, open gaps and a green that is distinctly retro has almost as much in common with 60s fashion as it does 60s interior design. Vaguely cosmic in appearance, it's a quick and easy way to add quirk to your home. [Link]

Probably the most contemporary-looking object of the bunch, the simultaneously wavy and geometric look of the Solkullen light fixture looks like a jellyfish hanging from the ceiling, quietly waiting to sting you with it's silhouette tentacles projected onto the walls. [Link]

The cold and calculated boxiness of the PS 2012 Side Table resembles 60s architecture. Functional and no-nonsense, but still unquestionably attractive. [Link]