60GB XBox 360 Shows Up in a NYC Target

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If you are too impatient to wait for an August delivery, you should know that a 60GB console has shown up on the shelves of a NYC Target. It's not a guarantee that your local store will have it in stock, but might be worth a trip just in case. [Penny College]


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@AtomicPlayboy: The fanboys can't hurt me, I haven't gotten tired of my Dreamcast or my Gamecube yet. Since I really don't buy new tech until it becomes cheap tech (yeah, I like to read about it but not buy the crap) I'm disconnected enough from the obsessive need to be up-to-date that there isn't much anyone can do or say to me that bugs me.

Besides it's kind of gratifying to see how shallow the depths of their conviction is if all it takes is someone remarking about the high failure rate of a product.

You see it in all kinds of purchases too, it's like people feel the need to continually re-justify spending money on something. The worse or the more expensive the purchase the more justifications people have and the more virulent the defense of the purchase is.

Also I have friends who own this junk if I really need to play a game. That's how I played Portal, great game btw, and that's how I'm playing GTA4.