7 iPhone 6 Plus Cases That Don't Suck

Earlier this week, we asked you to help us prepare for today's big iPhone release by hunting down those few and far between cases that don't offend our most base sensibilities And you, dear readers, did not disappoint.

Other than Apple's own, proprietary fare (which is actually pretty nice!)—and also discounting this, which is our favorite forever and always—here are seven of the least-terrible cases you managed to dig up. And hey, after looking at some of these, maybe we spoke too soon .


Neo Hybrid, Spigen

Hubby got one of these for his Plus, and I got the "Metal" version in red for my regular 6. I think it looks pretty sharp. And they're a lot cheaper on Amazon than they are on the Spigen website. - via selianth

Bella Fino, Pad & Quill

Pad&Quill to the rescue! I have the iPhone 5 version and I love it. - via Auggie


AL13 v3, Designed by M

The Al13 is expensive, but it's a great one. I have this one for my iPhone 5 and i love it. They make one for the iPhone 6. - via Olicx


Thin Fit, Spigen


I have this one picked out. Had this brand on my iPhone 5 and loved it. - via jncherwa


Fusion, Orzly

This fusion case is pretty much exactly to what is sold by spigen but at a fraction of the price. - via J-siv101


Fly Fishing, Ted Baker

I just like the Ted Baker iPhone 6 case. - via nacy321

Leather Flip Case, Elago

I like the elago case on my iphone 5, hoping their iphone 6 cases will be equally well done. Usually not a fan of leather cases, but this looks pretty sweet. - via absurdum


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