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7 Reasons to Stick with Windows XP

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Windows 7 is out today! Huzzah! But wait; if you're still rocking Windows XP, you might want to think twice before upgrading. Here are some reasons to stick with an old OS.


1. Updating will be a huge pain

You do realize that you can't just pop in the disc and install the OS, right? Coming from XP, you're going to need to backup all of your data, format your hard drive, install a clean version of Windows 7, and then start from scratch, reinstalling all of your old programs—and that's assuming Old Faithful even meets the system requirements. Sounds delightful!


2. Software investment

How many programs do you have installed? You're going to have to reinstall all of them. Do you have all of your install discs handy? And I hope you haven't lost any CD Keys! Do you still have all of your downloaded installer executables? Feel like finding them or redownloading them? Because that's what you're going to have to do. And as far as new programs go, you do realize that almost all new software is still compatible with XP, right?

3. Most of what you use your computer for doesn't need an upgrade

What do you do on your computer? Surf the internet, maybe use some office programs? I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that Windows XP has been handling such duties just fine for you. So why upgrade? For shiny new aesthetics? For a fancier taskbar? For juggling 22 devices? You don't need that.


4. It's expensive

Do you have $120+ to burn? Because that's how much upgrading will cost you unless you use the $30 college-kid discount. Why not put that money in savings or use it to pay off a credit-card bill, like a grown up?


5. You can wait for SP1

Every OS has bugs when it's first released, and even if 7 isn't the shitshow that Vista was, it'll surely need some patching up once the masses get their hands on it. You won't get any bonus points for being an early-adopter. Why not play it safe and, if you do decide to upgrade, hold out for Service Pack 1?


6. Microsoft will keep supporting XP for a while

Tons of people (including you) still use XP, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Because of that, Microsoft has no choice but to continue supporting it, releasing security patches and the like. You don't need to upgrade in order to get such benefits.


7. You'll buy a new computer eventually

You won't have your current computer forever, especially if you bought it long enough ago to come pre-loaded with XP. Since installing a new OS is one of the most risky and frustrating things you can do with your computer, you might as well just hold out until you buy a new one. It'll have Windows 7 pre-installed on a clean drive, allowing you to start from scratch.


If you're running Vista, however, you should by all means upgrade. What are you, crazy? Upgrade!


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Here are some reasons to stick with an old OS:

1) You're lazy. You don't already have backups of your important data because you're lazy. Reinstalling, updating, and keeping your programs up to date is too much work for you because... you're lazy.

2) You're unorganized. You don't keep all your install discs and software keys in one convenient location like of those CD wallet things. You don't save downloaded program executables to their own directory because you're unorganized, and you're too lazy to re-download them.

3) You haven't changed. You're still doing the same things on your computer you've been doing since win9x and were somehow conned into buying XP when the old computer kicked the bucket, or software compatibility forced you to upgrade. Why make it easy this time around when it can be just as painful and time consuming as the last time?

4) You're poor. If you weren't spending all your money on beer and cigarettes, maybe you'd think differently, but just wait until the current box overheats and dies after the heatsink fan gets too clogged with dust and nicotine gunk before being forced to upgrade when you buckle down and buy a new computer from walmart.

5) You're lazy. And afraid of bugs... because you're lazy and you don't back up your data. So why upgrade now when you can just reinforce your laziness by procrastinating, not backing up data, and waiting until SP1 'gets it right'.

6) You're lazy. Microsoft said they'll support XP at least until 2014, and damned if you won't keep using it until then, barring your computer taking a dirtnap. You already skipped Vista, and who needs 7 when 8 will be out presumably before 2014?

7) You're lazy. It's hard enough to bend over and hit the power button as it is, what with those cushioned arms on your chair, and your gut getting in the way, but installing an operating system? That sounds like... work... or something else unpleasant. Besides, your current computer isn't going to last forever; eventually it'll die a horrible death, probably taking all your precious data with it and forcing you to upgrade to a new computer, reinstall all that software you can never find the discs for, and download a bunch of new installers.

All right, are we clear on that? #windowsxp