Now that weed is legal in two states and medically acceptable in 18 others, gifting Doritos and Visine to the stoner in your life isn't nearly as clever as it was back in 2004. Here are seven presents that are worth their weight in hash.

1. A Denver Weed Tour - $1295

Move over Amsterdam, Denver is the new Mecca of legal weed. And what better way to explore the Mile High City's burgeoning cannabis culture than with a two-day trip from My 420 Tours? Take an in-depth tour of local nurseries and greenhouses, learn to cook with cannabis, take in the sights of the city aboard the "Canna-bus," or just get blunted in your 420-friendly hotel room. Classes and greenhouse tours start at $99, an inclusive 2-day package will run you $1295 and up.

Original Image: Rob Wilson

2. The Vaporblunt Pinnacle Pro DLX - $280

This vaporizer-bubbler hybrid trounced its competition during our recent The Bests review and its easy to see why. As one of the few portable convection vapes around, the DLX toasts buds and concentrates alike while cooling the vapors with a water pipe attachment so it doesn't feel like sucking on a dryer exhaust port.

3. The Helix Vape Pen - $120

Give the weed snob on your holiday shopping list something to crow about with the Helix wax pen from Grav Labs. It's pine tree-shaped dome swirls vaporized hash oils and concentrates as they're inhaled, cooling the vapor amd imparting the oil's natural bouquet. It sounds hokey, I know, but I've tried it. The battery life is shit but the dome really does reveal fruity and earthy undertones of the strains the concentrate was derived from.

4. The Firefly - $270

A year on and the Firefly is still the best looking and most functional vape I use. Get one for every toker on your list (and one for yourself too).

5. Shine Papers - $55/pack

Do your joints lack sufficient bling? Fix that with Shine rolling papers: joint wraps crafted from 24 carat edible gold. Plus, you don't have to keep eating all that gold.

6. Absolute Xtracts Hash Oil Canisters - $35

Hash oil is great until you need to handle it in any way, then it immediately becomes a sticky, drippy logistical nightmare. But these pre-loaded hash oil canisters from Absolute Xtracts are absolutely fantastic. Each self-contained can comes loaded with 500 mg of super critical CO2 oil and screws onto any vape pen battery that uses the 510 threading standard (which is to say just about all of them). Available in 9 varieties including Blue Dream, Gir Scout Cookies, and Grape Stomper, these make great stocking stuffers. They're only available in select California dispensaries right now but they're worth the effort of tracking down.

7. Magical Butter 2 - $175

Then again, why buy concentrates when you can easily make your own? The Magical Butter 2 makes butter (obviously), cooking oil, and tinctures all at the push of a button. We're big fans of it and the stony homemaker on your shopping list will love it too.

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