7 Takes on the Santa Rosa MacBook Pros

We've already shown you the new MacBook Pro benchmarks, which show respectable improvements over the old model, not just because of the new Santa Rosa chipset, but Nvidia's new monster 8600M makes short work of 3D gaming. But what about the other features? How's the battery life? What's the deal on those LED screens? Is the MBP still hot enough to sterilize me if actually left on the lap? Hit the jump to see what they reviewers have to say on the new 15-inch laptops beyond the benchmarks.


Touchy Fire-Fly

If you touch the computer it results warm, but much cooler than my previous MacBook Pro with the lower limit of the cooling fan setted to 2000 rpm.


Perhaps the biggest improvement in the revamped MacBook Pro is in battery life. ... we got an impressive 3 hours and 35 minutes with our DVD battery drain test—that's 36 minutes more than the non-LED version of the MacBook Pro...[and] you can expect longer life from casual Web surfing and typical office use.

Ars Technica

Intel's new mobile platform ups the front-side bus speed to 800MHz from 667MHz while adding support for Dynamic FSB Switching, which allows the FSB to be underclocked in order to save power. There's a new 965 Mobile Express chipset and built-in support for 802.11n, as well as Intel Turbo Memory.


The new [GeForce 8600M] chip is designed to improve performance with demanding programs, such as 3-D games and HD video editors. Indeed, in frames-per-second tests with id Software's Quake 4 and Doom 3 games...improvements of 25 to 60 percent...


Notebook Review

LED back-lighting is touted to provide a more evenly lit screen with sharper images and colors without sacrificing battery life. All these I find to be true, the screen is without a doubt the best i've ever seen on a laptop, and better than a lot of desktop monitors I use. With the brightness up to full, even in the most well lit rooms, solid whites are almost blinding,



The only difference in software is the version of OS X being used. Earlier models run Build 8P2137; the new one runs 8Q1058 — tweaked, no doubt, to run smoothly on the new chips...the best laptop Apple has ever made.


Past MacBook Pro models have not been without their issues, from overheating to sparkly displays to uneven lid gaps to optical drive problems. If our test unit is indicative, all of these issues have been addressed

Now if I could convince my wife that I needed to upgrade from my old model...


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