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802.11n Draft 2.0 Approved, Will Be Fully Compliant With Final Draft

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Good news for wireless fans, as the 802.11 Working Group has just approved Draft 2.0 of the 802.11n spec. What's left before you can hop down to the store and get your own certified gear? Just Draft 3.0 and the final spec.

However, as a stopgap measure between now until then, the Wi-Fi Alliance can now certify gear as Draft 2.0 compliant. This is important, since any gear certified as such will be guaranteed compliant with the final draft, and get the full 200 or so Mbps that the spec promises.


And for those of you keeping track, Draft 3.0 should be released in late '07 for an early '08 approval, and the final draft somewhere around April of '09.

Draft 2 Passes 75% [Matthewgast via Ars Technica]