8GB Nokia N95 Coming to North America?

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The Nokia Guide recently found on Nokia's online Nseries US Portal, an inadvertent mention of a 8GB N95 NAM (North American Model). Also listed was an 8GB N82, but it was subsequently taken off the list, while this new N95 mention was left on. Could we be seeing a refresh to the Nokia line sometime soon?

If a North American 8GB N95 is in the works, one would assume it would offer 3G wireless over US bands like its 4GB counterpart. But if Nokia really wanted to excite me, they would offer an N95 with a touchscreen and a QWERTY/SureType keyboard. [The Nokia Guide via Boy Genius Report]

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screw qwerty like my t9. and screw touch screen i like being able to feel my buttons. dont need to touch the screen.