We’re about to say goodbye to everything green, sweet, and sunny. But not yet! So for this week’s Shooting Challenge, you took beautiful photos of the fruits and veggies of summer.

Winner: Sorrow Tomato


While cutting few tomatoes for lunch I noticed how some slices were shaped like a heart. Path 5 from Max Richter was playing in the background and helped the mood. Nikon D7100 with 35mm lens, edited in Lightroom.

Leonardo Devivo


Macintosh apples have the red and green colors, and they are complementary colors so they make a nice contrast. I found a nice display of them at a local supermarket as we head towards Fall, where they had them already loaded them up in those little bags with the handles that always make them appetizing- and get shoppers to buy more than intended.

The image was captured with a Nokia 635. It was processed in Paint.net 4.06 for color, saturation and color curves as the fluorescent lights washed out all the colors.


Jonas Demuro

Veggies at Night


I had some vegetables, a camera, and a flashlight so I took some pictures. I eat a lot of vege’s so there seems to be a lot waiting for cooking. I shot this with a Nikon d5200 and was just holding the flashlight in my hand. The aperture was at .8 seconds and my hand with the flashlight definitely moved a little during that time but it turned out well.

Adam Gaynor

Se dice Tuna, no Prickly Pear


Being Mexican, food is an important part of your culture, and is often hard, if not impossible, to know and remember the name of certain food in english, specially fruit, since there isn’t much need to. This is a top view of a Prickley Pear, or Tuna in spanish, shot on a complementary color piece of paper. Often part of my breakfast ;) Canon T2i, 55mm, 1/40sec, f/5.6, ISO 800

Diego Ramirez

Totally a Dye Job


Here’s a styled zucchini for the photo contest.

George Maracineanu

Pregnant Pear


I used a Nikon Coolpix P100 digital camera. This photo was taken in our backyard under some typical Seattle overcast (which makes a beautiful white-box effect, BTW) at a shutter speed of 1/150 and an Fstop 4.5. I think.

I like the flash of color the leaf makes against the pale green of the pear, and the raindrops on the upper surface was a pleasant surprise (not visible earlier) and really made this picture pop for me.


Technique? I squinted up into the tree and took several pictures. I looked at them on my computer, picked this one, opened it with Photoshop, cropped it, managed to make the photo smaller in pixels, phew. I took several pictures of some lovely nectarines and if I could have manage to put their aroma into the photo it would have been an international winner. But the pear photo won.

KC Nordquist

Garlic, Meet Knife


7” carbon steel chef’s knife, garlic, plastic chopping board. Canon 760D (ISO: 3200, Shutter: 1/40, Aperture: f/8)

Dave Cheetham

Jersey Melons


I was on a road trip this weekend, and I spotted these colorful melons at a roadside market in rural South Jersey. Stopped for a photo, but I didn’t buy anything. In hindsight, I wish I had picked up some fresh produce. f/2.2, 1/1200 sec exposure, iPhone 6.

S Wootten

Close this story. Leave work. Hop in your car. Find the nearest farmer’s market. Grab the first tomato you see. Bite it like an apple. And with the juice flowing down your chin, snag the nearest bunch of basil and chew it as a chaser.


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