'90s-Inspired Case Gives You the Flip iPhone that Apple Never Will

Illustration for article titled 90s-Inspired Case Gives You the Flip iPhone that Apple Never Will

Last year ThumbsUp! created an '80s iPhone case transforming your fancy Apple creation into the clunky bricks of that era. This year the company's back with a '90s iPhone case that instead gives it the flip-style functionality that none of us actually miss.

While I can't see someone using this for anything other than irony, I will give ThumbsUp! credit since the case—designed to fit the iPhone 4 and 4S—has a working speaker in the lid and an aerial that can be pushed to lock the phone. It should be available sometime in the fall for about $24, sadly without the stylish belt clip that would certainly complete the '90s look. [Toys n' Playthings via Chip Chick]

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Good, because when I travel back in time I'm NOT going to give up my iPhone so there better be some way of disguising it...

Oh wait... there's probably no wifi... there's no 3g... with no maps the GPS is essentially worthless.... I'll be lucky if I can charge it... Fine... maybe I will leave the iPhone here in the future after all.