Amongst all the toys revealed on Force Friday back in September were some of the first flying Star Wars drones easy enough for kids to pilot. The same can’t be said about this impressive 15-foot long Star Destroyer, though. Even its creators had a hard time keeping it airborne.

Made mostly of insulating foam panels held together with Gorilla Glue and copious amounts of packing tape, the 15-foot long Star Destroyer was powered by three motor-driven propellors while a pair of servos adjusting flaps on the ship’s trailing edge. The giant RC craft was also quickly detailed with a can of Rustoleum spray paint giving it that recognizable grey Star Destroyer finish.

Amazingly the giant replica actually flew for a short while after being launched from the back of a flatbed truck—just not well. It stayed aloft for quite some time before rolling over in mid-air and eventually returning to earth with a less-than-graceful landing. What’s important, though, is that humanity is officially one tiny step closer to building a real Star Destroyer and eventually oppressing the galaxy we call home. [YouTube via Make]

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