Chloe Holmes, now 15, heartbreakingly lost most of her fingers when she was a mere toddler after suffering from septicaemia due to chickenpox. She's been without a usable hand since then. Thankfully though, she's been outfitted with a bionic hand to help her out.


Her family paid around 62,700 dollars (£38,000) to give her left arm her new bionic hand. She's not quite sure how it works, she cutely explains to the BBC that there are sensors somewhere in the glove. The bionic fingers are especially dexterous though, it looks very similar to the i-LIMB Pulse that's helped so many before. Her dad, is almost as ecstatic as Chloe:

"We'd go out as a family and people would stare for the wrong reasons - they stare now in amazement.


I love these stories of teenagers having their lives changed with great technology like this. She's been spending her summer getting used to her new hand, learning new tasks she couldn't do before (cut fruit, etc.) and is hoping to re-join school (where she was previously picked on) and live a normal life. I hope she will. [BBC]

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