A Band Called Death: Preemininent Punk Rockers, Forgotten Then Found

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Discovering music is a way different game in the digital age, when new artists and tunes are a mere mouse click away. Before algorithms were responsible for instantly introducing new faves into the mix, recording demos and hustling for radio play was a key factor in building buzz and gaining new fans. A Band Called Death is an incredible documentary chronicling the raw punk sounds of trio of brothers trying to break into the biz in 1970s Detroit, the group's dissolution, and their subsequent, fortuitous rise to recognition and fame after three long decades.

I can't say enough good things about this film; it was the kind that stuck with me for weeks after watching it. Without giving too much away, following their journey from young boys to passionate, burgeoning stars, through family trauma and ultimately a series of pretty incredible events—like, serendipity in its most mind-bogglingly true form—which brought their original recordings out of an attic and onto the internet is awesome. It's amazing bunch of different levels, all of which will make you go whoa. Read more about it here, check out the trailer below, and go watch it—you will not be disappointed. [Netflix, more online/streaming options here]