When we got our first look at Herocross’ take on the titular Alien of the classic sci-fi-horror series Alien, we were slightly baffled by its astonishing ability to look insanely cute and still be rather creepy. Those points are still rather salient when you get to see the fantastic final figure in its tiny glory.

The roughly 14cm tall figure is based on the original “Big Chap” design for the Xenomorphs from the original Alien movie, and looks even better painted than it did in the prototype stage. The detailing is wonderful, especially on the translucent part of the scull so you can see the creepy eye sockets beneath. Although admittedly it does almost make the Alien look like it’s had the living bejesus scared out of it by something. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Aside from the huge amounts of articulation — right down to the fully poseable tail and even a moving jaw so you can reveal the teeny little secondary mouth inside — the Alien is lightly accessorised aside from a stand to pose the creature on, the only extra addition is a mini facehugger to go with it.


Herocross’ Hybrid Metal Figuration Alien will be available late this year, for HK$800, or around US$100.

[via Toy-People]

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