The alien from, well, Alien is an iconic sci-fi horror monster, a wonderfully scary creation. But when you chibi-fi it, some of that creepiness is replaced by gosh-darned cuteness โ€” which in turn adds a whole other layer of weirdness. How can something be so cute and so creepy?

The latest in Herocross's "Hybrid Metal Figuration" line of figures โ€” which kits out toys with random metal pieces for reasons I still can't quite ascertain, despite owning several โ€” will be the Alien, based on the "Big Chap" design from the original Alien movie. Although only in the prototype stage now, the figure looks pretty fantastic. The detailing is wonderful, and the extra inclusion of neutral and "why yes, I am about to claw you open" hands is a nice touch, and the baby facehugger bonus is a nice addition for a figure that otherwise doesn't really need many extra accessories.

It's nice to see Herocross blend what is usually a cutesy style into such decidedly un-cute worlds. Alien kind of fits perfectly, there's something bizarrely delightful about seeing that human-esque skull in the head and having it look oddly cute. I think I want a chibi Ripley to go with it!At least that new Predator will soon have a friend to play/battle with.


There's no release date for this Little Big Chap just yet, but expect him to cost around $100 when he hits shelves.


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