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A better look at the first Dancing Baby Groot Toy

Illustration for article titled A better look at the first Dancing Baby Groot Toy

Last month we got to see the first images of KIDdesign's Dancing Baby Groot - the first dancing Groot toy since Guardians of the Galaxy hit theatres and had everyone clamouring for one. And now that he's coming out soon, we've got an even better look at everyone's favourite sapling!


The image comes from Variety's report on the new wave of Guardians merchandising hitting this month to tie in with the movie's arrival on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 9th. There's plush Rocket Raccoons from Funko, more Gamora merchandise following the #WheresGamora backlash in August, and of course, Dancing Baby Groot. Here he is in all his Glory:

Illustration for article titled A better look at the first Dancing Baby Groot Toy

I was a bit disappointed by what we saw of the toy on Mashable last month, and while I don't think this is the perfect Dancing Groot everyone was hoping for, it looks much better up close - the face sculpt is much closer to baby Groot and the body is a bit thinner and doesn't stand up so straight. And honestly, it also looks.... well, less like poop. Not the most glowing recommendation but an improvement nonetheless! Lets hope you can remove the sticker on the front to have a plain white pot, accurate to the movie - and fingers crossed it's a proper version of I Want You Back, as the label implies.

Dancing Baby Groot is due for release any day now, to tie in with the Guardian's home release - and should retail for around $15. Not long before you can scratch at least one thing off our Ultimate Guide to this year's hottest Toys list!


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Looks somewhat less like poop, but now rather more like a veiny shaft.