You probably already owe a debt of gratitude to Wikipedia for helping you get through endless essays and research projects in college, but don't retire those browsing skills just yet. Linknotize is yet another board game that actually requires the players to keep their phones, tablets, or laptops close at hand, because in order to win, you need to click your way between two topics using just an online encyclopedia.

Think of it as a modern take on 'six degrees of separation', but instead of connecting random celebrities, you're connecting random topics assigned from a stack of cards using nothing but in-article links on Wikipedia, or your online encyclopedia of choice. Players have a maximum of three minutes or ten clicks to link one topic to the next, but the faster you can finish with the fewest number of clicks, the better chance you'll have at victory over your opponents.


It's the perfect game for anyone who's ever found themselves falling down the infinitely deep rabbit hole that is Wikipedia, but don't assume you'll instantly be a master. It actually takes a few games to familiarize yourself with certain posts that serve as gateways to other topics. For example, do you know where to find a list of every state in the country on Wikipedia? That's an invaluable tool if you're hunting for landmarks.

The game is now available directly from the Linknotize website for just $25, but you'll also have to factor in the cost of an internet connection, a device with a web browser, and the countless hours of productivity you lost surfing Wikipedia while in college. [Linknotize]

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