A Brilliant Toilet Paper Dispenser To Leave Crapping Campers Clean and Hassle-Free

Camping purists may prefer to eschew traditional toilet paper in favor of nature's very own brand of sticks and leaves, but to the untrained eye, becoming one with Mother Earth might might leave a lasting, painful reminder on those tender, poison-ivy-scrubbed nether regions. So for those of us who aren't quite ready to give up all the comforts of home, students at the Alberta College of Art and Design have put together this clever, waterproof toilet paper dispenser to make outdoor defecating a delight.

The best part about the device, dubbed "Nature Calls," is that it's incredibly easy (and cheap) to make all by your lonesome. Just attach a zippered plastic bag to the top half of a two-liter bottle, and you've got yourself a ready-to-use, reusable container that keeps those delicate squares safe. Plus, stick in a carabiner, and you can even hang this nifty little dispenser from a nearby tree—sorta kinda just like home. [Fast Co. Design]


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