A good pocket knife is one of the most useful tools to have on hand at all times. But you know what can be even more useful? A knife that doubles as a saw, a screwdriver, a hex-head wrench, and a bottle opener. In fact, skip the knife altogether—who needs it when all of the above fold away into this badass, all-in-one butterfly multitool?

You'll impress and intimidate everyone you know when you whip out this stainless steel multitool—ideally with some kind of spinning flourish or flair—ready to pop the bottle cap off their drink or tighten a loose screw on their office chair. For just $8, it's way cooler than what Leatherman or Gerber are offering, because it can be used for more than just building furniture. After all, it'll definitely build character every time you pinch a finger putting it away. [ThinkGeek]