A Camera That Records Video in HDR

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AMP is a single lens video camera that can capture real time HDR. HDR video, as you know, exposes the living breathing smelling unreality hidden in life. Or something like that. Just watch how AMP's HDR works.

AMP's system uses a two beam-splitter in the camera that takes the light and directs it onto three sensors. This gives AMP a dynamic range of 17 stops. In the video, AMP shows off a ton of different HDR options, most of it is insane and ridiculous but some of it does seem to use HDR quite well. Hopefully, AMP (and others) can tweak their systems, settings and algorithms so we can actually use HDR video to make things like this and this.

Oh, and I apologize for the video's music. [Amp HDR via PetaPixel]


theose is nominal

HDR looks good in certain aspects. Such as landscape and architecture. I have taken many photographs for HDR and only a select few look good. I think its kinda pointless, having a video camera do it. UNLESS you grab stills from it.

HDR takes a lot of practice to get that look. If you don't tone map correctly, adjust contrast or take the correct exposures. Then they look like crap.